How do I set up an appointment?

Appointment requests are made by calling our office at 677-2405

Do I have to pay for my visit at the time of my appointment?

Payment of the insurance mandated co pay is expected at the time of the appointment. Payment of the office fee is expected for a "self pay" patient without commercial health insurance. A 20% discount is given to a patient paying off their "self pay" visit at the time of service.

How much is my co-pay?

A patient's co-pay is determined by their insurance company and that amount is usually found on the back of the insurance card.

How do I select a doctor?

You can select between Dr. Ted Schoettinger and Dr. Shelley Stanforth who are a married couple. Some patients choose based on gender. They have similar styles of practicing medicine.

How do I leave a message for my doctor?

Patients can contact their doctor most efficiently by calling the office to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, a message can be left with the office staff who will attempt to call you back by the end of the day after they relay the message to the doctor. Webview also allows you to submit a question to staff that will in turn forward it on to the physician. The Physician will in turn direct message you back.

How do I request prescriptions / refills over the phone?

Prescription refills are best handled at the time of the office visit. The doctors will give you sufficient refills to last until your next appointment is due. Please note that have a prescription refill policy which could include a $25 fee for patients who habitually request refills over the phone instead of making an appointment. This policy ensures that paitients get the proper follow up care they need and it helps you to call the office with less chance of a busy signal.

Can I have X-Rays / Bloodwork performed at your office?

We can do blood tests at our office which then get sent out usually to LabCorps of America or Quest. Many other tests are done in the office such as rapid strep and influenza tests, urine tests, HgA1C testing for diabetes, etc.

We do not have Xray facilities in the office. Patients usually take an order for an Xray to Bethesda Arrow Springs.

How do I obtain test results?

We will contact you by phone with test results as soon as they are available. It helps if you authorize us to leave the results on voice mail or on your cell phone or with an authorized recipient of your protected health care information such as a spouse or family member. Web View which allows us to leave test results on a secure web portal to access on line, which emails you, the patient, as soon as the physician has reviewed the results and responded.

What should I do in an emergency, or after hours?

If you are sick after hours or as an emergency, we advise you to go to a local Urgent Care or Emergency Room depending on your assessment of the seriousness of the condition. You can call us the next office day as we leave appointment slots available each day for same day visits. It is difficult for us to tell you what to do over the phone without evaluating you in person so it is best to simply use your best judgment. For after hours advice, please call our office number, (513) 677-2405, where you can b/e directed to the doctor on call if you'd like. We do not phone in antibiotics or pain pills over the phone as this practice is not good medical care so please do not make those requests.

How do I get referrals for specialist visits, tests or procedures?

Referrals for specialist appointments, testing or procedures are made at the time of an appointment with the doctor. Patients are often pleasantly surprised that we can either handle the problem at our office or manage the issue much more cost effectively in ways they did not imagine.

Does your office easily accomodate disabled patients?

We do offer wheelchair accessibility for disabled patients.